About Us

Gulf Vision Optics LLC

Greetings! We welcome you at Gulf Vision Optics LLC. In 2008, we started with the vision of sourcing and bringing home International quality alleviations and top trends in the optical and sunglasses industry to the Emirates. Today we have stuck to that vision and continue to provide some of the most unique and value adding optical solutions across the Gulf. We are the sole distributors in the gulf for qualified and high potential international brands such as:

  • Mormoii - sports sunglasses and prescription frames from Brazil

  • Solo Bambini - Kids optical frames from the USA

  • Dunlop - Premium sports sunglasses from the UK

  • 3Momi - Fashion sunglasses from Italy

  • Nanovista - Unbreakable and trendy kids optical frames from Spain

  • Como - Kids eyeglasses from Italy

We are also the distributors for Canadian retail POS software tailor made for optical retailers, VisionPro POS.

We know you share our vision of adding value to people’s lives. Join us as we continue to deliver quality products and solutions. Contact our sales representatives.

After Sale Services


  • Customer testemonial
    Ahmed Mansoor

    " I have been a delighted client of Gulf Vision Optics for many years. Thank you for making shopping for eye wear a unique and enjoyable experience! "

  • Customer testemonial
    Muhammed Ansar

    " Eyewear by Gulf Vision Optics is the best. I highly recommend that you stop in and talk to Gulf Vision Optics!"

  • Customer testemonial

    " Love Gulf Vision Optics! Great staff, great service great glasses! I’ll be back. "

Our Brands


NanoVista Kids eyeglasses


Nano Vista Tough frames made to last. All NANO frames can be adapted to all uses with temples or swtiched to wear as a headband: From a quiet class room to a rugged playground.


Solobamini Kids eyeglasses


Solo Bambini , Infant & Children Eyewear, no screws & no metal parts, fits perfectly and comfortably, does not lose its shapes, FDA approved materials and colors.


Disney cars kids eyewear


The Disney Cars glasses frames collection is jammed full of car racing themes, with pictures of cars, chequered patterns and even rubber, just like real car tyres.